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A Teenage Girl's First Sex

If you like teenage girls, you must have this.

An Eighteen Year Old Virgin's True Story Of Deflowerment.

This is a true story. Alison was eighteen when she first went to university and was still a virgin - a sweet, innocent girl. But at university she will take her first steps on the ladder of sexual awareness. There she will see a naked male body for the first time in her life. She will give her first hand job, her first blowjob, and finally give away her virginity as she at last experiences sex, real sex.

Join her as she takes those faltering steps to womanhood, enjoy with her the pleasures of those first sexual experiences, be there as she finally allows him to take from her the innocence of virginity.

You will be taken through every stage of her sexual awakening. Her first kiss, the first time she lets him touch her leg, her breasts, her body. The moment she sees an erect penis for the first time, and the moment she first touches it.

Then be with her as she experiences each new sexual delight, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and finally the whole thing.

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Bondage Life Stories

The following extracts all come from real life stories of genuine bondage. Some are from the diaries of people who are into a bondage lifestyle, some are bondage games played by people into role-playing, and some are genuine unpleasant bondage situations that a women has found herself in, and agreed to have the details made public. Even in the cases they are acting out characters, all the bondage, torture, and sex is exactly as described. These submissive women really suffer everything that you read here.

I am going to add a new bondage extract EVERY DAY so don't forget to bookmark this page, and come back often.

Then she grabbed Karren, forced her down so that she was lying across her lap, then pulled down Karren's jeans and knickers and spanked her bare ass.

Although Karren actually enjoyed this, it hurt enough to make her cry. Several of the other girls laughed at her.

A few days later the same girl spanked her again, and a few days after that another girl spanked her. Over the next few weeks several other girl's joined in, and she was getting spanked almost every day.

Eventually the girls grew a bit bored of this, but did not get bored with tormenting Karren. Although the spanking continued, it happened a lot less often. Instead they found another way to punish her......

This is the start of a true story that started in the 1980s and is still going on today. To their amazement the guys got replies to their advert, and from that advert got real women slaves, women prepared to let the men chain them up, humiliate them, torture them. and use their bodies for sex in any way (and any hole) the guys wanted. Click Here and read the whole the book now.

Then they made me sit in a chair with my legs spread wide, and took it in turns to ram a pencil up my pussy. They kept adding pencils, stretching my pussy more and more, until they could fit no more in. By this time there were several boxes of pencils up my pussy, and they were not the round ones, but the triangular ones, and they had arranged them so the outside ones were really hurting my pussy.

They still had plenty more pencils, so they made me stand up and bend over, and rammed pencils up my bottom until no more would fit........

This is an extract from one of the stories in the book "Bondage, Punishments & Suffering - The Torments Of Annie", a selection of real bondage fantasies that Annie has actually acted out, suffering every torture in the story herself, then she tells you all about what she suffered. Click Here to go to the distributor's site and to buy the book NOW.

Olinda had borrowed money and put her home up as collateral. But she was behind with the payments. The man she owed the money to turned up to evict her. He was going to throw her out on the streets, and sell her home. She begged him to give her more time. He was a wicked man and said that he would only let her have more time in exchange for her virginity. Miserably she agreed.

He ordered her up to her own bedroom. Then he said "Before I take your cherry you must amuse me by humiliating yourself. So first I want to watch as you do a striptease. Make it sexy or I will take away your home."

In despair she stripped for him. Debasing herself by making it as sexy as possible so that he did not foreclose on her mortgage.

Then he said "That was sexy enough for me, but not humiliating enough for you.......

This is an extract from one of the 26 stories in the book "Women Slaves At De Sade Hall". To download and read this book in it's entirety Click Here

She was forced to strip naked. Then they made her kneel on the floor and chained her up in bondage so they could whip her tits.

Next they made her stand up, chained her hands above her head. In this form of bondage they could whipped her back, ass, and the backs of her legs.

Finally she was made to lie on the table on her back. Her legs were spread and raised, and chained up to keep her in this position, so she looked like she was at a gynaecologists for an examination. In this type of bondage they whipped her cunt.

She thought the tit whipping was the worst pain ever, but pussy whipping was worse. She cried and screamed in pain, but she did not beg for mercy this time, she knew it was pointless.......

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After the crushing and the biting, Jill began slapping Mary's tits. Not hard at first, but gradually getting harder and harder, until eventually Jill was putting as much force as possible into each blow. By the end of it, Mary was crying, and Jill stopped torturing her for a while and sat back, just enjoying watching her cry.........

This is from the book "Lesbian Bondage Slaves". The full book is available in eBook form, to download this set of lesbian bondage stories Click Here.

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Two Teenage Girls, The Captives Of Cruel Biker Gangs
It was all their friend's fault, she wanted revenge on the girls because her boyfriend fancied them. So she led the bikers to the poor teenagers, she even told the biker gangs a good place to hold the girls captive, where they could do whatever they liked to the girls.

Teenage Girls Fucked And Tortured

The biker gangs want these two teenage girls to fuck, and the girls have no choice in the matter. They also enjoy torturing teenage girls, and these teenagers will suffer in their hands. There will be pain, lots of pain.
Teenage Girls Abducted By Bikers
They are abducted in a back alley, kidnapped by a biker gang. The bikers drag their teenage captives to a deserted house and tie them up. Then the teenage prisoners are tortured and fucked by the sadistic biker gangs members. They love to see teenage girls in bondage suffer pain and torture, it makes them horny. Then they gang bang these two teenage girls, force them to take cock in every hole to satisfy the bikers sadistic lust.

Please Note: that this book is by Troy Black, who tends to go in for extreme sadism in his books. This book is only for people who want to watch girls really suffer the most agonising torture, not just light bondage.

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Science Fiction
Here is a great sci-fi story for you to read.
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